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Site general tag

Site general tag is to manage and enable tags such as conversion tracking tag, complementary feature tag, and site retargeting tag for Sponsored Search and Yahoo! JAPAN Display Ad Network (YDN).

To use following features, install the site general tag to all of your web pages.

Combination of site general tag and other tags

Site general tag is to manage and enable each tracking tag. Site general tag and each tracking or feature tag works as a set. To install them, tags must following combinations.

A. Site general tag
B. Complementary feature tag of conversion analytics
C. Conversion tag
D. Site retargeting tag

To enable complementary feature tag : A+B
To enable conversion tag : A+C
To enable site retargeting tag : A+D

Tag installation

When you install a single site general tag, other tags work as well. When you have multiple site general tags, other tags work properly.

<A single site general tag in your web pages>

<Multiple site general tags in your web pages>

Notes on tag installation

Note following points when installing the tag to your web pages.

1. Add "Site general tag" just after the HEAD starting tag.

2. Add "Complementary feature tag" just before conversion tag.

  • To make the tag effective certainly, tag A and B above have to be placed just after HEAD tag starts. When you use all of A, B, C and D tags, add these tags in order of A, B, C, D.
  • When you are using previous conversion tags, install a complementary feature tag before the conversion tag.

3. If you don't install site general tag, other tags won't work._
  Install site general tag and each tag together as a set._

Get and install site general tag

You can get site general tag in the screen where conversion tag and site retargeting tag are provided. Learn more on following help pages.

Install the site general tag to all pages on your website.

When you are already using auto-tagging and installed the site general tag provided in your account, no new site general tag is needed.
Learn more on Complementary feature for Conversion Analytics.