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Unacceptable Advertisements

Yahoo! JAPAN will not approve the following advertisements.

1. Advertisements that violate, or are likely to violate, laws and regulations. [related to Chapter 9-9]

2. Advertisements that are contrary to social norms or public order and morals, that infringe on the rights of others or that cause a nuisance to others; including the following.
(1) Defamatory, libelous or derogatory towards others
(2) Infringe on copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights
(3) Invade privacy or that do not give sufficient consideration to the acquisition, management, use, etc., of personal information
(4) Discriminate against others or that violate human rights
(5) Cause sexual harassment
(6) Fraudulent, immoral or dishonest business operation
(7) Include expressions that significantly arouse speculative spirits
(8) Unscientific or superstitious advertisements causing confusion and uncomfortable feelings
(9) Approve of, glamorize or encourage criminal activities
(10) Advertised by anti-social forces
(11) Frightful, cruel or psychotic advertisements causing uncomfortable feelings
(12) Include explicit sexual expressions
(13) Include ambiguous information about products/services
(14) Violates, or are likely to violate, industry guidelines
(15) Other advertisements that Yahoo! JAPAN considers inappropriate

3. Advertisements for the following products/services
(1) Sexual products/services for adults
(2) Suggests child pornography
(3) Sexual procuration, or compensated dating information services, or advertisements that justify or encourage such activities
(4) Drugs and medical equipment that are not approved in Japan
(5) Substances commonly called misused drugs or legal herbs
(6) Counterfeit products or pirated products of branded products, such as fake brand-name products
(7) Products mainly used as weapons, including firearms, ammunition, swords and other cutting tools, pepper spray and stun guns
(8) Solicit users to join, or that introduce, a pyramid scheme
(9) Solicit users to join, or that introduce, multilevel marketing (including network businesses)
(10) Products designed to enable illegal wire tapping and voyeurism, such as a micro camera
(11) Cashing services in the form of changing products purchased by a credit card into cash
(12) Auctions that require the purchase of a bidding right, such as bidding fee auctions
(13) Cigarettes and electronic cigarettes
(14) Game backup devices (“magi-con”)